Wednesday, March 29, 2006


That's a great new game I was introduced to on our long drive down, around, and back from Cornwall. It involves spotting horses, among other things, and collecting points... A nice little red Micra is a very tiny car for five people on such a long journey, even the old classic 'I Spy' got an airing when we were stuck in traffic, but I have to say it was worth it.

And the Eden I was blown away by it, by the sheer amount of plants. Being there is the midst of them exploring all the different colours and shapes was fantastic. The biodomes are so huge. (I wonder how much food could be produced in them:) Only trouble is that I now want to go and visit them all in their natural habitats... It is a fantastic use of an old quarry at any rate. Do you reckon they could do a similar thing with old coal mines?? Well, happy 5th birthday, Eden Project, and may you have many more succesful years to come.

It's hard to decide what was the best bit of the holiday: whether having a bath in the cottage, the amasing sea, spending quality time with my friends, seals and otters... But it has made coming back to work twice as miserable. I didn't touch a cornish pasty whilst there as I'm that sick and tired of seeing them at work!! Possibly having a holiday was the best bit of the holiday, if you know what I mean:) Cornwall is absolutely beautiful and full of so many things to see and do that we are already planning our next trip down!
And look out for nuns on bikes as that wins you the game of 'horse' for ever and ever...

Lent Week 4

Here is an astonishing thing! We are called to turn from the unfruitful works of darkness and are invited to see Jesus, the light of the world. With open hearts, we become receptive to what is good and right and true.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lent Week 3

Here is an astonishing thing! We are called to turn from the dry, barren wilderness where our hearts have become hardened and are invited to quench our thirst at the living stream. With overflowing hearts, we receive the gift of God's love.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fairtrade Fortnight

Hmm... My contributions this fortnight haven't been very astounding. I've bought chocolate at the Co-op (it's 20% off during fairtrade fortnight!!) and that's about it. I love it when buying chocolate is for a good cause:) It's a far cry, though, from my gung-ho University campaigning days filled with fairtrade chocolate hunts... Well, I'm off to film the fairtrade fashion show this evening so perhaps that kind of makes up for it!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Lent Week 2

Here is an astonishing thing! We are called to turn from the bondage of the law and our own futile efforts and are invited to be born anew. With grateful hearts, we receive the promised blessing of salvation.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Post #2 for today

That previous post is taken from a lenten series, called an astonishing thing!, in the Church I attended in America in 2002. I loved the experience of it and have missed it ever since. We do advent fairly well, but lent seems to get left behind... I don't like surprises very much. I prefer the build up of anticipation, the eagerly waiting for something and enjoying and preparing for it. Easter is such a beautiful and big event that I feel I really do need the 40 days of focus and preparation to enjoy and appreciate it properly. So I plan to keep posting the little reminders here as a focus for myself. (And things like two of my housemates giving up speaking English together for Lent are also helpful reminders:)

Lent Week 1

As Lent begins, we enter the wilderness where we are called to turn from the serpent's deception and are invited to walk in faithul obedience. In th freedom of obedience, we discover an astonishing thing! God's abundant gift of grace through Jesus Christ offers new life to all.