Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Walking the streets

My bike is still with a friend so I've been doing a lot of walking of these streets of Swansea. After being in foreign lands I do appreciate not having to constantly keep an eye on a map and the bliss of knowing real shortcuts and which bus to jump on. Local knowledge is great once you've earned it!

It all looks so familiar though, and there are many times when I feel like I'm retracing my steps. It is very surreal to be back. I am absolutely loving seeing all my friends again and catching up with what is going on (and things sure can change in 3 months!!), but despite that I'm still feeling very restless...

BeyondTV started on Monday with a great turnout at the Dylan Thomas Centre and a great bunch of films! A trend continued firmly into Tuesday and I'm sure will throughout this week. This is Undercurrents at its best: finding inspirational and empowering films, showcasing it's own latest productions, and passing on the knowledge. Last night we had 6-8 shorts from first time film makers from a Womanist Video Workshop that ran for only six weeks; and the quality really was brilliant! I was sitting with the audience part enjoying the show and part trying to figure out how to start filming again:)

My friend Hamish has a fold-away solar panel that he's hooked up to batteries that run a video camera/a computer for editing and has spent his time on beaches in the Canaries editing his latest film. How much fun does that sound!! And what a great excuse to head for the sun... Hooray for studios that fit in your backpack is what I say! (And where can I get one myself...?)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Life Afloat

On my travels I spent a day in Oxford with a friend. We spent most of it escaping the crowds as we had made the mistake of showing up on a Saturday! So after a breather in a huge bookshop we went for a walk along the canal where I was delighted to see residential narrow boats moored along the shore.

These boats were all individuals. Some had been nestled up along the bank for what looked like years. They had post boxes onshore, and little gardens with flowerpots and bushes, one had a gorgeous and sleek black and white cat curled up on a deck chair that came over to be admired when it saw us looking at it. Some were colourful, one had a pirate flag draped over the side, some had electrical hookups, many had beautiful artwork in the windows, and all of them looked intriguing. The idea of not having to live a life defined by four straight walls is often what keeps me going, so seeing these boats was a thrill! And something I had not expected to see in Oxford somehow. I'm glad unexpected things still exist to remind one to keep one's eyes open and hope up... As I saw the first boat a little part of my mind started to imagine what it'd be like to live afloat: huddling in the cold under piles of blankets in the damp winter, being rocked asleep, watching the world walk past from a deck chair on the roof of my boat...

It is an exciting thought!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Looks like I will be returning to Swansea to sleep on peoples' floors as I search for a job and somewhere to live. So look out for me from some time next week as I really do want to be back for BEyONdTV Festival (see for more!). I'm looking forward to seeing you folk again and swapping tails... (I like long furry ones:)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Iona of my heart, Iona of my love ( - St Columba)

And so, yesterday (was it only yesterday??) morning I stepped onto that ferry that took me across the Sound of Iona and away from that beautiful place. Stepping on that ferry was one of the most difficult things I've had to do.

Last Sunday I made a phone call and now I am on the Isle of Skye, in Portree, taking the time to breath and regroup myself. Considering that Oban had more than one street and so many shops and people and cars and was already advertising Christmas - and how much that threw me and made me feel as if I was suffering from a culture shock - I'm glad I came up north rather than going to Glasgow or some place like that.

My head and heart and soul are full of Iona.